Our answers to common questions

Which transformations are supported?

Mighty Image support many operations such as resizing, cropping,... A full list of transformations can be found in our docs. 


Do you keep copies of our images?

Because Might Image uses your image source and using, we don't store original images on our servers. This has the benefit that you are always in control of the original. However, to serve images at lighting speeds we rely heavily on caching and CDN. As a result, output images are stored in cache. This is the additional benefit that we don't put additional load on your image hosting when severing the original source image several times. 


Why is the image loading slower the first time?

When a source image is requested for a first time, we need to go and fetch it from your image hosting. This first fetch can slow down the first time an image is served. To prevent a continuous load on your image hosting, Mighty Image will cache the source image to speed up subsequent image requests.