How PrintAI Optimized Their Images and Increased Website Speed by 93% in Just 30 Minutes!

March 30, 2023

PrintAI, an e-commerce website that offers custom-made AI-generated posters, used Mighty Image to optimize their high-resolution images and

PrintAI is an e-commerce website that offers custom-made AI-generated posters. Due to the nature of their product, PrintAI faced issues with storing and serving a huge volume of high-resolution images.

The website's slow load times was causing a poor user experience, resulting in lost sales and a poor SEO score. This was affecting their search engine ranking, leading to fewer visitors and lower conversion.

Why PrintAI Chose Mighty Image

PrintAI needed an image optimization service that could help them optimize their images for better website performance and SEO. They evaluated several image optimization services and chose Mighty Image for its powerful features and ease of use. Mighty Image provided them with an easy-to-use API that could be integrated with their existing infrastructure, allowing them to optimize their images without building a separate image backend.

Mighty Image also provided PrintAI with the ability to add watermarks on their images, which was important for their business. This feature allowed PrintAI to protect their intellectual property and prevent their images from being used without permission.

Mighty results

Mighty Image helped PrintAI reduce their image sizes by 98%, from 701.5 kB to 13.78 kB on average, resulting in a much faster average image load time of 67.7 ms, a 93% improvement. They also improved their website's SEO score from 90 to 98, which helped them rank higher on search engines. The Lighthouse performance score improved from 73 to 78, which means their website's overall performance and user experience got better. The LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) metric improved from 3.8s to 1.4s, resulting in a much better user experience for visitors.

Lighthouse performance metrics: before and after

Mighty Impact

Mighty Image's solution had a significant impact on PrintAI's website performance. By optimizing their images, PrintAI was able to speed up their website's load time, which resulted in a better user experience and increased customer satisfaction. The improved SEO score helped PrintAI's website rank higher on search engines, leading to more visitors and potential customers. The Lighthouse performance score improvement also meant that PrintAI's website was now performing better, leading to better engagement and increased conversion rates.

Lighthouse scores: before and after

Overall, Mighty Image helped PrintAI speed up development, optimize image storage, improve SEO, and make their webpages load faster, resulting in a better user experience for their customers. Mighty Image's ease of use, powerful features, and quick deployment made it the perfect solution for PrintAI's image optimization needs.

Mighty Image's next.js component made it easy for PrintAI to deploy the service on their website in just 30 minutes, allowing them to focus on their core business without worrying about image optimization complexities.

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